How to search for a wallpaper?

In the search form you can type in any keywords separated by a space. The more words the more accurate are the results. The search engine will search over all titles and tags. New wallpapers will get an additional boost. In the end you will see the most relevant wallpapers for your search.

What information is available for each wallpaper?

The following information is available for each wallpaper:

How to resize a wallpaper?

Below the wallpaper you can find the wallpaper converter box. Select a common resolution or type-in the exact resolution of your device. After hitting the convert button the wallpaper will be resized to your prefered resolution and is available to download.

What is Wallippo?

Wallippo is a wallpaper search engine and redirects to matching wallpapers. We do not host the wallpapers on our servers. The only images that are hosted on our servers are reduced-size versions from the originals, also called thumbnails.

Want to affiliate with us?

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